Prince's Court Celebrates 20 Years

Over this past Columbus Day weekend (October 6-10, 2017), Prince's Court celebrated it's 20th anniversary with a doubles tennis tournament and a festive dinner party. Founders, players, friends and long-time supporters came from far and wide to attend and show their support for the court and its growth over the last two decades.

Prince's Court President, Vern Cassin III, highlighted some incredible achievements by using numbers to tell the story. For those in attendance, the numbers 7, 100, 300 and 65,000 now have a special meaning.

  • 7: the original number of founding members at Prince's Court.
  • 100: the number of current active members at Prince's Court.
  • 300: the number of juniors that played court tennis in Washington, DC this past summer.
  • 65,000: the number of estimated hours of play that Prince's Court has seen in the last 20 years.

Please enjoy watching some of the evening's addresses from our two co-founders: Haven Pell and Temple Grassi


Haven Pell & Temple Grassi 20th Anniversary Remarks


Haven Pell's Dinner Remarks